Release Your Inner Baby


Don’t be a baby!…or perhaps you should.

Why does everyone love babies?  Is it because of all the hard work they perform every day? Is it because of their daily contributions to society?  It’s not because of what they can do, what they know, what they have or what they contribute.  We love babies simply because of what they ARE!

Babies have no phoniness about them.  They are not superficial nor hypocrites.  They express their real feelings without inhibitions.  They “say” what they mean.  There is no guile or malicious intent with babies.  They are emotionally honest.  They embody the adage “be yourself” because that is who they are and all they know how to be.  They are not shy about expressing themselves.

So what can be learned or taken away from this brief article??  Babies are proof that all inhibition is learned and trained in our self-image.  Inhibition is not born within the self-image.

You may have come a long way, baby…but perhaps in this way we should all consider releasing our inner baby…baby!


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