You Are Unique! Just Like Everyone Else…


Yes!  Just like everyone else, you are unique.  It’s funny when you think of it and say it this way but it’s true.  I think at our core we know that we are all unique.  We know we have unique fingerprints, retinas, etc etc.  But I don’t think we realized the significance of our uniqueness.  There literally is and never will be anyone like you.  Ever!

What throws us all off is the focus we put on our similarities.  However, those similarities are extremely superficial and really are just optical illusions.  No matter how similar two people may appear, each is totally unique and distinct from the other.

This being establish, it makes no sense whatsoever to compare ourselves with someone else ever in any way.  When you do or try to you are doing like is said, comparing apples and oranges.  Even comparing two apples is like comparing apples and oranges.  Their similarities are really only illusory.  Each has a unique size, shape, color and intricate design that upon close examination would reveal no other apple has ever been like that one.

In order to realized the potential and all the inherent possibilities in that unique and special something that is you, you must accept yourself for the unique being that you are and engage yourself in legitimate self-improvement.

No more feeling ashamed or disliking yourself or unfairly comparing yourself to others but rather recognize yourself as your single greatest asset and ally.

Remember…You are UNIQUE…Just like everyone else…and EVERYTHING else… 🙂


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