What Makes Life Worthwhile?

Have you ever tried to get on a bike, put both feet on the pedals then balance in that one spot?  You might be able to balance for few seconds but that’s about it.  Most can’t maintain any balance at all.


In this way, we are very much like a bicycle.  A bicycle maintains it’s balance, stability, and equilibrium as long as it is in motion going forward towards something.  Likewise, we are designed as goal-seeking mechanisms.

We are built to master our environment, solve problems, achieve goals, carry out missions, and accomplish our intentions.  We find no real contentment or happiness in life without challenges to conquer and goals to achieve.

Those who say that life is not worthwhile are actually saying that they themselves have no justifiable personal goals.  They have nothing that they are consumed with doing, being, or getting as valuable accomplishments to aim for.  As a result, they are mostly miserable and discontented in the lives that they live.  Lack of direction and focus on goals is the chief cause of their unhappiness.

We MUST have goals, intentions and missions in our lives to be truly cheerful, upbeat, and positive.  What are your goals?  What intentions do you have?  What mission would inspire you to bring out the greatness that is within you??

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